The Financial Freedom Highway™ is your roadway to financial success

Part of the Durham Community for over 25 years. Serving the accounting, business consulting and tax needs of professionals, entrepreneurs and retirees.


Welcome to the The Financial Freedom Highway, the virtual home of Fulbright & Fulbright, CPA, PA, Fulbright Financial Consulting, PA and Mastering Your Money 

We work with smart people who are seeking financial independence. Whether you have a MD, Ph.D, Masters or a Ph.D in Common Sense we are interested in serving as your advisors. Business Owners, Professionals and Retirees are our clients who have empowered us to assist them with their business, tax, investment, risk management, estate planning, and/or social security optimization strategies with their best interest at heart. We say assist because we can do the heavy lifting but need clear communication and information from you in a timely fashion to do our best work.  


We believe in client education. Check out our education center for more than 3000 pages, videos and audio files. Our weekly Mastering Your Money Newsletter will keep you informed on important business and personal finance news. You can listen to Mastering Your Moneyradio shows to hear some of the brightest minds focused on personal and business finance issues. Our complimentary e-book will help you with the fundamentals of financial independence. The community has recognized our efforts with the 2014 Silver Award from the Durham Magazine.

Everything we do is to help you to save more money, grow and protect your net worth to turbocharge your drive on your Financial Freedom Highway! Contact us at so we can get to know you.